Academy of Military Sciences

The Republic of Kazakhstan

Goals and objectives of the MSA’s function

1. Main activity of the MSA is a strenuous cooperation in development of military science in Kazakhstan, implementation of important and perspective military-scientific researches and military-technical projects, implementation results of scientific and technological activities for security of military and national defense, professional consolidation of military scientists of Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Main goals of the MSA are:
Co-operation of leading military scientists of country, as part of statutory membership, and also within scientific advisors, societies, initiative and working groups and commissions of the
promotion of military and scientific achievements;
research activity, development and implementation of military and technical programs and projects;
providing high-quality services in the military scientific and technical sphere (the analysis of a state and tendencies of development of military science, forecasting of development and development of suggestions for improvement of military scientific and technical capacity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, justification of the priority directions of development of military science and preparation of military and scientific shots, scientific and scientific - technical examination, information and methodical support of military and scientific and scientific - technical activity, service in coordination and maintenance of military scientific and technical programs, creation of the knowledge-intensive productions in the form of economic association, advisory and other services);
active participation in formation and realization of the state military - scientific technical and innovative policy;
participation in development and scientific justification of strategy of military-economic, military-political, scientific, cultural and spiritual development of Armed Forces, other armies and military formations;
assistance in development and improvement the system of military education;
implementation of the international military and scientific relations, assistance to cooperation development in the sphere of military and scientific, scientific and technical and innovative activity, representation of interests of military and scientific community of Kazakhstan abroad;
assistance in development of military science in regions of Kazakhstan;
the organization and carrying out the specialized, regional, republican and international congresses, conferences, symposiums, meetings and seminars for problems of development of military science;
implementation of exhibition, information, publishing and advertizing activities in the military scientific and technical sphere;
giving awards for a contribution to development of military science, honorary titles, signs and awards, as founded the MSA RK, and (at the request of authorized bodies) the state.

3. The MSA can cooperate and interact with government agencies, concluding with them agreements, and can perform on contracts with government agencies certain work provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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