Academy of Military Sciences

The Republic of Kazakhstan

General meeting

The supreme body of Military Science Academy is General meeting of the MSA. General meeting is competent to make decisions if there are not less than 2/3 members of the MSA. Decision-making requires presence at meeting of full members (academicians) and corresponding members in number of not less than 2/3 with a deduction from their absent list for good reasons (an illness, business trips, etc.). For calculation of results of ballot General meeting elects counting board.
exclusive competence of General meeting are:
acceptance, modification and additions in the MSA Regulations;
making decision on voluntary reorganization and elimination of the MSA;
definitions of an order and frequency of submission of financial statements of executive bodies, and also order of carrying out check by control body and statements of their results;
acceptances in the limits set by acts, decisions on participation of the MSA in creation or activity of other legal entities, and also the branches and representations;
election of the MSA president;
election of members of Presidium of the MSA;
determination of competence, organizational structure, order of formation and termination of governing powers of the MSA;
the approval of the annual report of Presidium of the MSA on scientific and organizational work;
election of full members (academicians), corresponding members and foreign members of the MSA.
General meeting of the MSA is convoked by its Presidium as required, but at least once a year. The agenda of General meeting and draft decisions on them are discussed previously at meeting of Presidium of the MSA.
Decisions on acceptance and Regulation change, election of full members (academicians) and corresponding members of the MSA, reorganization and elimination of the MSA are accepted by the qualified majority, i.e. not less than 2/3 voices of full members and corresponding members of the MSA participating in General meeting, other decisions - by a simple majority vote. The order of conducting meeting and vote form (secret or open) are accepted by General meeting by a way of open voting by a simple majority vote.

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