Academy of Military Sciences

The Republic of Kazakhstan

MSA presidium

The presidium is constantly operating joint governing body of RPO of the MSA. The presidium is accountable to General meeting of the MSA. The presidium is formed as a part of the president, the first vice-president, vice-presidents, the chief scientific secretary, chairmen of offices and other members of Presidium, the number determined by General meeting. Formation of structure of presidium is carried out by General meeting on representation of the president of the MSA. Distribution of duties between members of Presidium is carried out by the president of the MSA. The presidium is elected for the term of 5 years.
Competences of the MSA Presidium:
convokes General meeting of the MSA;
approves plans of works of Presidium of the MSA, position of offices, branches, representations and other accountable organizations of the MSA, hears information on their performance;
creates scientific councils, scientific centers (representations), the scientific and research and production, design organizations and other RK not forbidden by the legislation legal subjects of the MSA;
convokes conferences, symposiums and seminars on problems of development of military science, organizes competitions and exhibitions;
controls correctness of an expenditure of means of the MSA, organizes and hears the report of audit commission;
exercises control of observance of the present Regulations by all structural divisions, officials and members of the MSA;
determines number of vacancies, the list of specialties and an order of elections of full members (academicians) and corresponding members of the MSA, recommends to General meeting of the MSA of the candidate of foreign members and the president of the MSA;
chooses honorary members of the MSA;
establishes breastplates of the MSA members, scientific awards, honorary titles, awards (medal) and the certificate;
coordinates performance by members of the MSA, scientists of the military and scientific organizations and military higher education institutions of the annual report on military science;
considers and approves the plan of the MSA editions (magazines, monographs) and controls their performance;
carries out other functions on management of activity the MSA which not being within the exclusive competence of General meeting and haven't been forbidden by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Meeting of Presidium is competent in the presence of 2/3 members of Presidium with a deduction from their list absent for good reasons (an illness, business trips, etc.). The decision of Presidium is made by a simple majority vote, and in case of equality of votes - the decision of the president of the MSA. Meeting of Presidium to be held as required, but at least once in three months.

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